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Island Cat Feral Rescue, Inc
Memorial Page is for remembering your loved pet or feral cat from your colony. Entries can include remembering family members or friends connected with those pets or ferals. Watch for these special memorials.

Please contact us at (904) 797-7562 or e-mail us to list a memorial for a small donation.



Pet Loss Support Hotline - University of Florida

College of Veterinary Medicine, Gainesville, Florida

(352) 392-4700 Ext 4080

Call anytime and leave your name and number. You will receive a call back between 7 pm and 9 pm.


Toll Free Numbers / Information and Pet Loss Grief Hotlines

Veterinary School websites and hotlines - Staffed by Veterinary Students:

University of California Davis - Toll Free: 800-565-1526

University of Illinois - Toll Free: 877-394-2273 (CARE) Washington State University- Toll Free: 866-266-8635


This is dedicated to my Sister - Gloria Jean who inspired my love for Cats! She was a kind and generous soul who touched many people's (and cat's) lives in a very unique way. She is greatly missed.......
 Hydi .... Miss you at feeding time. We were heartbroken to lose you before we could really help. Your light will shine forever in our hearts.

Sweety.......We miss you baby, our hearts were broken to lose you so young. Baby Dew misses you, too. May you run and jump and roll in the dirt.... do all those things you did for fun until we meet again in the land of the everlasting sun!

- Love Mama Kitty and Dad

Missy.......We loved you from day one.....we hope we gave you comfort until your time here was done. We hoped for the best...but God took you that day while you laid in the sun. Until we see you again....

Love you - Dad, Mom and Everyone.

Blaze.... You will shine in our hearts forever.

- Love, Tracey & Dave

Tinkerbell ......May you run to your heart's content. May there be plenty of bees and butterflies to keep you busy until we see you again! Miss you .....

- Mama Kitty and Dad

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