Island Cat Feral Rescue, Inc
Island Cat Feral Rescue, Inc

advocates a NO KILL policy in our everyday operations and we encourage other agencies to do the same. Island Cat Feral Rescue, Inc. does NOT support the use of euthanasia to control feline populations. Our organization considers euthanasia should be used only in medical situations under the management and consultation of a licensed Veterinarian in order to prevent pain and suffering.

We aim to prevent cruelty to animals by advocating against the use of "euthanasia" practices used to control animal populations in municipal activities and animal shelters, to lessen community complaints against those facilities, and to lower associated manpower and taxpayer costs of local animal control agencies.

Join with us to petition the County to establish a Feral Cat Task Force Advisory Board to find alternative non lethal ways to reduce feral, stray and abandoned cat populations.


proudly supports Alley Cat Allies. We are a "Feral Friend" and recommend our readers check frequently with this amazing nationwide resource dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of our nation's cats. For legislative updates and other "happenings" go to  


The No Kill Advocacy Center is a national resource for information on the No Kill movement and philosophy. Website Read and Sign the No Kill Declaration today!


The Humane Society of the United States
is a leading information resource on TNR and has been instrumental in helping homeless cats. Island Cat Feral Rescue, Inc. is proud to be listed as a Feral Cat Resource Organization with HSUS. and


First Coast No More Homeless Pets continues to reduce the number of shelter admissions and euthanasia deaths here on Florida's First Coast.

Since 2003 First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville, Florida has facilitated over 24,000 pet sterilizations in the First Coast area. They have seen an overall reduction in pet intake at area shelters they serve of approximately 31%, and reductions in puppy and kitten intake of 44% and 52%. Prior to their programs, admissions and euthanasia were increasing by as much as 10% annually in the Jacksonville area. This is an example of the value of community susidization of pet sterilizations.

They can be reached at Website:

Mail: P.O. Box 11870 Jacksonville, FL 32239


Hotline: 904-425-0005; toll-free: 866-580-SPAY (7729)

Contact Us Today for information on Trapping and low cost spay/neuter.

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