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We do not have a shelter to take in feral, stray or abandoned animals - we can only refer you to local groups that have foster and adoption programs at this time. Our rescue kitties are directed to excellent adoption groups in our area...There are more animals than there are homes. Consider fostering an animal until part of the solution. Our primary purpose is Trap, Neuter, Return of Feral Cats to prevent overpopulation.


There is an urgent need for FOSTER HOMES




After receiving several reports of a cat in distress with its head stuck in an old, rusty can, The animal was located by ICFR staff. It apparently had come accross the can while traveling thru deep, low brush - most likely after dark. After multiple attempts at trying to trap trap the feral cat in the dark for 8 days - hope was almost lost. The animal was unable to drink or eat in it's situation and rescuers feared for the worse after over a week went by with efforts to trap it and get it medical care.

Humane traps of different sizes were tried to no avail, a drop trap was set and this also proved futile as other cats entering the trap area spooked the feral. Finally, a cloth hoop net for boating fish was bought at a local bait store. Making sure the fabric was soft enough not to injure the cat a final attempt was made in the dark and in deep scrub brush and palmettos. In a joint effort by Island Cat and Wags & Whiskers staff the feral feline was rescued! She was transferred from the cloth net to a humane trap and brought to the Veterinarian for immediate medical care.

Nadia before entering the Vet's office

Staff at Animal Home Health were able to extricate the feral from the can and provide her with immediate hydration subcutaneously. She weighed only 3 pounds. Estimated age was at 9 months to a year - which would mean she would normally weigh about 9 pounds or possibly more. It unknown how long the cat had been unable to eat or drink. Trapping efforts took over a week - but the animal could have been incapacitated longer than 8 days in unseasonably warm February weather.

The female was a beautiful Russian Grey and was most likely abandoned, dedomesticated and reverting back to being wild. Because of her breed staff members came up with the name Nadia. She recouperated for several weeks and got back to her normal weight. She has been spayed, vaccinated and eartipped. She was held in foster care until she could be released back to a safe haven in her natural home outdoors. A sad example of the many perils that abandoned, stray or feral cats face everyday simply trying to exist and live the only life they were brought to know.

Please help us help them. Donate to our worthy cause and help feed, spay/neuter and vaccinate stray, abandoned or feral cats. Help prevent cat overpopulation. Your donation is tax deductible under IRS 501(c)3 non profit rules.

Donations can be mailed to: Island Cat Feral Rescue, Inc. PO Box 860321, St Augustine, Florida 32086

Proceeds go to food, medical care, spay/neuter for stray, abandoned and feral cats.



ICFR staff were alerted to a local convenience store on US 1 where a domestic housecat was abandoned and stranded in a culvert along the highway. Local residents had observed the cat dodging in and out of traffic in the parking lot terrified, trying to find food. After several days attempting to trap this exhausted kitty, we were able to get her in a humane trap for transport to the Vet for a health check and plans for spay and vaccines. We were fortunate enough to have a kind person volunteer to foster the less than a year old, grey tiger stripe rescue. She is now in a safe, warm place - thankful to be away from the intense, noises of the busy highway and dark, filthy ditch she was dumped off in - left to fend for herself without food or water in a dangerous situation.

If you observe anyone abandoning animals, get their vehicle description, license plate and any other information about the incident and report it to local authorities or to us. Florida Statutes list a $5,000 fine for abandoning animals.



One of our directors observed a Mother Cat living near and eating out of a dumpster on US 1. The Mama Cat was stray or abandoned but had been out on her own long enough without human contact she was becoming wild. The Mama was fed daily in a safe area where she could be Trapped and brought to the Vet. During her Vet check it was revealed that she was nursing kittens somewhere.... Naturally, she hid her litter from any harm when they came along. After she was tested, spayed and vaccinated she was returned to tend to her young. Within a few weeks she brought them along at feeding time. Two beautiful russian blue / tiger mix, longhair kittens accompanied Mom at feeding time. The family was finally found living in a drainpipe leading to a retention pond - underground. An extremely precarious place to be in any amount of rainfall.

Plans were made to get the kittens to the Vet for s/n and socialization with hopes of getting them adopted. Tragedy struck the night before trapping with the most outgoing of the 2 kittens - "Hydi" being hit by a car and left dead in the road. Her sibling was rescued that morning and brought to a foster home for socialization. This was the first rescue of the year and is a work in progress. We are sadden by the loss of Hydi as we work with her sibling and Mom.

Another sad story of the incalculable suffering that feral, stray and abandoned animals face on our streets daily. Please help us continue our work by donating or volunteering today.

In Memory of HYDI


After leading the chase for several weeks at a local health care center - another Moma finally gave in and allowed us to trap her before the kids were delivered! Using a newly built humane drop trap we were able to gather this stray - headed back to becoming wild - tabby to the Vet for a health check for communicables given to all new rescues. Two days later 5 beautiful kittens came along. Ms Pat our foster parent graciously opened her home until the kids are adopted - providing everyone with tender, loving care. Next step was spay/ neuter for all parties and vaccinations. Another feral colony averted!

Introducing Mama - Moultrie Moon....
See Misty Blue - One of the kittens below!

We received a call from a local security office at a large condominium complex. Just born Kittens had been discovered in a shipping area in immediate danger. The Mother Feral cat was nowhere to be found! The 8 kittens were dehydrating and facing death. The security officers were compassionate enough to care about saving the animals - they went online and contacted ICFR. One of our generous and caring volunteers bottle fed the babies every 2 hours - 24/7. Unfortunately, only one survived - Rubert. He has been adopted and now has a loving, forever home.
Rubert - A real survivor!


Cats and Kittens Like These desperately need temporary foster homes - Please call (904) 797-7562 or e-mail us if you can foster cats / kittens while they are in the adoption process. Rubert and his siblings at 4 days old......

Cats and kitties need permanent loving homes!

Call us even if you can only temporarily foster!


 We depend on volunteers for foster homes, TNR projects, transportation to medical clinics and caregiver backups. Contact us at (904) 797-7562 or e-mail if you can help.


Contact Us Today for information on Trapping and low cost spay/neuter.

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