Island Cat Feral Rescue, Inc
Island Cat Feral Rescue, Inc

ICFR currently DOES NOT have a TRAP BANK - we can advise on local s/n resources that have traps available to lend with a security deposit.

See some of examples below of humane traps we recommend.


Humane Droptrap setup for difficult to trap Ferals.....Once the cat is in the trap it can be tranferred to a regular humane trap thru the door at left front. After the trap drops it is vital to cover the trap with a sheet to calm the animal. Ferals will go from light to dark areas and this factor is utilized in the transfer.

Traps should be built with doorway widths of vehicles and spay/neuter clinics in mind.

Feral is usually transferred into Regular 36 inch Humane trap for transfer and transport to spay/neuter clinic. It is vital to keep the trap covered with a sheet to calm the animal. Ferals feel secure in dark, small areas.

Check Alley Cat Allies Website under "drop traps" for different types and plans. There are also videos demonstrating Rescue Groups using the traps.


We depend on volunteers for TNR projects including trapping, transportation to medical clinics and caregiver backups. We also need temporary foster homes for our adoptable rescues.

Please e-mail us if you can help... IslandCat-Feral or call (904) 797-7562.

Contact Us Today for information on Trapping and low cost spay/neuter.

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